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Thursday, 26 July 2012

:: Shine On The Evening ::

:: Today is a tired day for me..huh..but it's ok. I can handle it. Around was full with lil' kids that surf the internet...huh..making so noise.Sometimes,make me had a headache.Hurghh...just be patient.Hmm...Tomorrow is my offday..!! Yeeaaa...can't waiting..!! :) And tomorrow also the day i'll leave Kanowit and flying to Kuching for a while...:) Feel tired & stressful with works & life...I need a rest & vacation too...!! :D. I need a time to be alone for a while...i want freedom & feel the nature environment..:D ::

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

:: Beautiful Life Of Mine ::

:: Morning...:) feel freedom n happiness for a while...,just feel it for a while & i can feel it! I want to move on & start a new life & a start a new way for me n for us too..GOD always there with me. Coz God know I need His guide to move on my life even hurting is too much than i unexpected. Past is past and present is present. I should more appreciated what & who is around me. God teach us & make we learn a new thing & also make us realize there got a new way for us...Amen. ^_^ v I can SMILE again and NO MORE TEARS..::

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


:: It takes a STRONG HEART to LOVE but it takes an even STRONGER HEART to LOVE after it's been BROKEN...::